Home Wares

For 25 years Tony Docherty has been crafting a range of homewares that continue to bring joy to the user. Cooking will never be the same. Stir, sip, scoop, flip and serve with his fabulous range of cookware, boards, serving platters and more.   



inspired by nature's raw beauty and weathered forms, Tony sculpts, builds and carves. With a keen eye and collector's zeal, he has made a name for himself with pieces that constantly work to enhance the beauty of the timber and the forms that he has been presented with.




Tony Docherty specialises in hand built one off pieces, with careful consideration given to a client's needs. Tony will work to develop and craft  pieces that  give a sense of satisfaction and meet the expectations of a discerning buyer. Tony works predominately with solid wood  and has a highly developed ethos around sustainability; he makes unique pieces that can be passed down through generations.