sheoak and marble table

Tony’s furniture is predominately one-off pieces designed for gallery exhibit, and private commissions. His work has both a contemporary and timeless quality about it with each piece devised and crafted with equal measures of style and practicality achieved through a response to personality, environment and use. When required Tony works metal and stone into his designs giving more flexibility and diversity to his furniture. 

Tony’s approach to commissioning work is personable, with an aim to craft a piece of furniture that will interact with the aesthetics and lifestyle of each individual customer. This is achieved through careful  choice of wood with the client and introduction of other materials if appropriate. With a belief that each cut of wood is as different as each client, no two pieces of furniture are ever the same.

Red Tingle Coffee Table
Red Tingle Side Table
Rectangle 1 + sheoak marble table.jpg
Coffe table with drawer + Coffe table with drawer 2.jpg